GraphQL Meets Graph Database: A GraphQL + Neo4j Integration

GraphQL Meets Graph Database: A GraphQL + Neo4j Integration

***ADD CO-AUTHOR: Michael Hunger (can’t find him in system; he used to be in it?)

As part of our work on the Neo4j Developer Relations team, we are interested in integrating Neo4j with other technologies and frameworks, ensuring that developers can always use Neo4j with their favorite technologies. A very interesting development in recent months has been in GraphQL, an API query language especially targeted at front-end and mobile developers developed by Facebook.

The Neo4j-GraphQL Project

As we want to enable Neo4j users that are interested in using GraphQL with Neo4j to get up and running quickly, we spent the last few weeks working on the neo4j-graphql project. Neo4j-GraphQL is a Neo4j server extension that allows you to turn GraphQL queries into Cypher and run them against your graph data. Using the Neo4j Sandbox infrastructure, you can spin up a Neo4j instance hosting your GraphQL schema with the neo4j-graphql-cli command line tool:


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May 29, 2017 at 03:39PM


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