Associative Data Modeling Demystified: Part VI-III

Associative Data Modeling Demystified: Part VI-III

Before reading, be sure to check out Part VI-I and Part VI-II

Functional Operations

The OrientR3S3 Package extends OrientDB RESTful API package in Mathematica with a powerful functional set of commands that cover all operations in R3DM/S3DM. These operations fall in four categories: get, update, delete, and add (GUDA). The main idea here is to define standard named optional arguments for any of these functional categories and then allow their values, default or mandatory, to be given using Wolfram Language transformation rules. We have already started viewing examples of this functional approach to data management with the OR3getAnything command (as seen in Code.2, Code.4, Code.5, Code.7, Code.8, Code.9, Code.10, Code.12, and Code.13).


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May 29, 2017 at 10:39AM


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