What Is Performance Testing? An Explanation for Business People

What Is Performance Testing? An Explanation for Business People


Performance testing is a form of software testing that focuses on how a system running the system performs under a particular load. Performance testing should give organizations the diagnostic information they need to eliminate bottlenecks. You can find more information about types, steps, and best practices here. This article provides insights and scenarios on performance testing from a business perspective.

How Performance Testing Impacts Your Business

The world of enterprise IT neatly divides concerns between two camps: IT and the business. Because of this division, an entire series of positions exists to help these groups communicate. But since I don’t have any business analysts at my disposal to interview, I’ll just bridge the gap myself today. From the perspective of technical folks, I’ll explain performance testing in the language that matters to the business.


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May 26, 2017 at 03:39PM


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