IFTTT Is Now a Free-for-All for Innovation

IFTTT Is Now a Free-for-All for Innovation


IFTTT has just opened its platform to thousands of individual developers with a new, free Maker tier allowing anyone to sign-up and build and publish Applets with more than 430 service APIs that are currently on the platform. It follows the release of a comparable service in November 2016 to enable partners of IFTTT to build and publish their own Applets that trigger multiple actions. IFTTT is also unveiling a brand new Applet tool: filters. Makers and partners can now build Applets that work with Javascript filter code. This opens up an entirely new set of use cases, from conditionals to randomization. I spoke Anne Mercoglian, VP of marketing to learn more. She explained:

"We’re building for two audiences: We’re committed to making IFTTT really easy to use for anyone. You can come to the site or download the app and explore Applets that are ready for you to connect and turn on. Even someone who doesn’t have any connected home devices can find Applets that work with the New York Times, eBay, their smartphone, their social media services, etc. For developers, we know there’s a desire for more complex tools and robust features, which is why we’re opening up the platform to Makers."


via DZone.com Feed https://dzone.com

May 26, 2017 at 10:39AM


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