How to Attach a Debugger to Apache Spark

How to Attach a Debugger to Apache Spark

Application developers often use debuggers to find and fix defects in their code. Attaching a debugger to a running application is straightforward when the runtime is local on a laptop, but trickier when that code runs on a remote server. This is even more confusing for Big Data applications since they typically run in a distributed fashion across multiple remote cluster nodes. Fortunately, for Big Data applications implemented with the Apache Spark framework, it’s actually pretty easy to attach a debugger even as they run across a remote multi-node cluster.

My favorite IDE is IntelliJ. I use it to develop Spark applications that run on remote multi-node clusters. I configure Maven to compile my application and all its dependencies into a single JAR, then after I build my JAR file I upload it to my remote cluster and run it like this:


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May 26, 2017 at 10:39AM


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