Packet Radio, Docker, and Raspberry Pi

Packet Radio, Docker, and Raspberry Pi

Running Packet Radio apps in a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi? "Are you mad," I hear you ask? Isn’t it hard enough to get ax25 and Packet Radio up and running on the Pi anyway? Having done this a few times already, this was my thinking, and I had the crazy idea that encapsulating most of the config and setup in Dockerfiles to build preconfigured containers might be an idea worth exploring.

Installing and configuring ax25 for the Raspberry Pi and Winlink clients that use ax25 like paclink-unix or Pat can be done and work well, but the steps, as, for example, documented in this comprehensive guide for building and installing paclink-unix that span several pages of instructions, can be daunting even for those more familiar with building and installing apps from source on Linux.


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May 25, 2017 at 07:30AM


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