JMeter Ramp-Up: The Ultimate Guide

JMeter Ramp-Up: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most critical aspects of performance testing is the ability to mimic a real-life load on your application. But determining the number of concurrent users for the target load isn’t enough. Tested applications could fail in production under the same target load that was used during the test phase. Or, an application could fail under the test load when the problem is a bottleneck in your system. These things happen because, in addition to the target load, developers and performance testers should also care about how the load is distributed during test execution.

What Is Ramping Up in JMeter?

While there are many self-explanatory parameters responsible for load distribution (like the number of threads, loop count, or duration), one of them might not be so simple to understand at first sight, and the appropriate value for this parameter might not always be obvious. This parameter is called ramp-up.


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May 25, 2017 at 10:30AM


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