WannaCry Ransomware: Who It Affected and Why It Matters

WannaCry Ransomware: Who It Affected and Why It Matters


Technology is an ever-expanding market full of opportunity and dedicated to making our lives more convenient and advanced in the process. Countless companies across the world have recognized the power in embracing technology to survive and prosper and, with this being said, the world has never been more advanced than it is today — with a future as bright as the people creating it. Furthermore, although many people believe that the modern generation is completely out of their minds and “lazy,” what they do not realize is that this form of innovation and free thinking is exactly what makes these “digital natives” so similar to their ancestors of the Industrial Revolution before them.

However, with every great thing comes risk and, for the tech industry as a whole, this risk comes not only in the form of the sometimes dangerous advancements they provide our world but also in the form of the people who hope to tear them down piece by piece. These people who hide in the shadows of technology and deploy their code maliciously are often referred to as hackers, and their need to destroy companies and make money off others is exactly why the tech industry is still fighting against the tides of change.


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May 23, 2017 at 02:27PM


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