TLS Integration and Mobile Content Delivery Performance

TLS Integration and Mobile Content Delivery Performance

The process of getting a piece of web content to the end user is actually quite complex — a lot of moving parts in the form of different software, different hardware, different levels of page complexity, network constraints, and so on all have to click together smoothly to make a web page appear. The fast, complete and personal content showing up on a phone or tablet takes a whole host of behind-the-scenes “magic” that just has to work.

Every page load experience is different, depending on the combination of these factors. No doubt if you rely on your end user being satisfied with his or her experience with your website, on mobile or otherwise, you know conversion is directly related to performance regardless of platform. And yet, with this complex mosaic of factors comprising web content delivery, there’s no such thing as a panacea that yields immediate and dramatic performance results.


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May 23, 2017 at 03:27PM


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