Real time trading analysis in Redis NOSQL with Lua Torch machine learning ?

Real time trading analysis in Redis NOSQL with Lua Torch machine learning ?

Real time trading analysis in Redis 4 with Lua Torch machine learning ?


I created this video in response

What about bonds? You briefly mentioned treasury bonds, but didn’t include them on your list. I’m particularly interested in first world countries that have an interest rate higher than many third world countries i.e Portugal. Moreover, I code in Java. It’s not as efficient as C++, but it’s quicker to code, because it’s a more conceptual language. The time saved in creating the code with Java is worth more than the efficiency gained with less memory used with optimized C++ code in most cases. Conditions in the market are constantly changing. An algorithm that worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. The slower coding of C++ may not be able to keep up with a changing market. In contrast, Java can allow one to more quickly adapt their strategy. What would be best is to create multiple programs for different types of markets. I like to think of them as different personalities. Perhaps what’s most important though, is an understanding of Bayesian math. That is, new data is constantly affecting probability. The Monty Hall problem is the most well known example of Bayesian math. Indeed, it’s Bayesian math more than anything which helps one understand why Java is better programming language than C++ in most cases.

I made video response to this Youtube comment

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