End-to-End Automation Using ProtractorJS

End-to-End Automation Using ProtractorJS


Protractor is a promising end-to-end automation framework for AngularJS-based applications. Protractor runs tests against an application in a real web-based browser, interacting with it like a user would.

How Can Protractor Be Leveraged for Automation of AngularJS Applications?

  1. Test like a user: Protractor is built on top of WebDriverJS, which uses native events and a browser specific driver to interact with your application as users would normally do.
  2. For Angular JS apps: Protractor supports Angular-specific locator strategies which allow you to test Angular-specific elements without any additional coding efforts.
  3. Automatic Waiting: Now this is a feature that is very well developed in the application framework. You no longer have to add waits and sleep to your test. Protractor can automatically execute the next step in your test the moment the webpage finishes the pending tasks, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for your test and webpage to sync.
  4. Compatibility with test runners: Protractor is compatible with any test runners it is configured to, such as Mocha, Cucumber, Chai, etc. It can be easily leveraged to build BDD (Behavioural Data Driven) frameworks. Protractor by default uses Jasmine as its test runner.

Installing Protractor on Your System

Step 1: You need to have NPM (Node Package Manager) installed on your machine. NPM will download and install the required packages and dependencies for Protractor.


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May 19, 2017 at 07:09PM


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