Android Dalvik GC Log Analysis

Android Dalvik GC Log Analysis

Memory utilization on a mobile app has a significant impact on the customer experience. If your app creates a lot of objects, then the Garbage Collection (GC) process will be triggered frequently to evict unused objects. Even though Garbage Collection is an automatic process, however, frequent Garbage Collection consumes a lot of CPU, and it will also pause the app. Frequent pauses can mess up the app (e.g. stuttering or halting).

Thus, you need to understand how many objects your app is creating, how frequently Garbage Collection is triggered, how much time it takes to complete, and how much memory is reclaimed after every event. All this information is present in the runtime log messages. Whenever a GC event runs, a log line is printed in the runtime log messages. You can view those log lines through logcat.


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May 19, 2017 at 06:09AM


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