Alfresco and CloudFront: The Answer to Enhanced Content Delivery Response Time

Alfresco and CloudFront: The Answer to Enhanced Content Delivery Response Time

Alfresco is tagged as one of the best ECM systems; it has raised the standard and bar of document management. Alfresco is a web-based application and the majority of the enterprises using it host the software on a global based connected server that can be easily accessed by people all around the world. But this global proximity also leads to certain obvious problems and performance issues even for the enterprises who do not cater to global use cases. So we can leverage Amazon products like Amazon CloudFront to improve the content management and content delivery and reduce response times and thereby save a lot of dollars.

Why Is Such an Association Required?

The globe is a gargantuan field with endless scopes and alternatives. Every website that one visits and every resource that one calls for via the internet traverses through a huge interlinked web. While some may require just one server, sometimes it may take up to 2 or 3 servers, so in the majority of cases, it is a very complex process involving a number of servers and multiple requests.

If you run a traceroute command for based on where you are sitting, you would get a minimum of 10 hops before reaching the final one. If you observe the ping times, they sum up as the number of hops increases and this ultimately decreases the response time.
The case is similar with applications like Alfresco, where the situation toughens when the Alfresco libraries become thousands strong. Enter CloudFront! Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network that aids in tremendously enhancing delivery times. It catches your desired resource at its edge location servers and then helps in serving a cached copy or in another case it directly fetches the resource from the origin server. However, this speed is multiplied when the origin server happens to be Amazon S3 bucket!

So let’s consider that we are saving our resources on Amazon S3 and Alfrescobeing the main resource management repository, let’s see how to connect them all.


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May 19, 2017 at 10:39AM


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