Do You Know How Your Plants Are Feeling?

Do You Know How Your Plants Are Feeling?

Nothing will replace walking out and handling soil for yourself, but today’s technology has made it possible to remotely monitor soil and track parameters that are immeasurable to the human senses. Soil probes like the SHT10 have advanced technologically to be extremely accurate and offer an unparalleled look into what is happening underground. Giving instantaneous information on soil moisture content, saturation, salinity, temperature, and more, soil sensors have become important tools for anyone working with soil. From the small-town farmer trying to increase crop yields to researchers looking to understand CO2, soil sensors are a must-have for any advancing agricultural operation.

Temperature and moisture sensors are amongst the most commonly used environmental sensors. And, more importantly, similar to the metrics of computer advancements increasing power but dropping prices, so too have soil measurement systems. These systems have and will continue to become more affordable for anyone.


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May 18, 2017 at 05:09PM


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