Application-Centric Data Management Platform for Multi-Cloud

Application-Centric Data Management Platform for Multi-Cloud

I had a chance to talk to Peter Smails, V.P. Business Development and Marketing for Datos IO. Datos built their business by providing data protection for NoSQL; however, with the launch of RecoverX 2.0, Datos is now a cloud data management company. It includes new capabilities and platform enhancements, enabling organizations to be more agile, enhance productivity, and reduce cost by accelerating their adoption of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures. 

Customers are in the midst of a digital transformation journey where they are either deploying next-generation customer-centric applications natively in the cloud or migrating their traditional applications to the cloud – all with the end goal of driving operational efficiency and to deliver top line growth with new customer-centric products and services.  Datos IO enables organizations to operate their IT across a multi-cloud infrastructure by protecting and managing applications on the best-suited cloud whether private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid clouds. 


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May 18, 2017 at 05:09PM


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