VPN Monitoring Inside and Out

VPN Monitoring Inside and Out


IT teams deploy VPNs to create a secure, private connection over the internet. The VPN is an essential technology in connecting employees to corporate apps when they’re not at the main campus. As remote and branch offices have grown, so has VPN availability and selection. This means that VPN performance is particularly important for employees at remote and branch offices, or anywhere outside of the main IT campus, like hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and more.

A VPN is usually pretty reliable, which is appealing for IT teams supporting them. But they do experience problems connecting, such as when a VPN client’s connection is rejected. Beyond VPN connection issues, there are many common network issues that can slow down the performance of a VPN connection, but determining the root cause of the user complaints is often difficult. VPN monitoring for performance is hard with traditional tools like SNMP that are limited to, at best, the endpoints in offices with owned infrastructure.


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May 17, 2017 at 10:09AM


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