Cloud Custodian Cleans Up Your Cloud Clutter

Cloud Custodian Cleans Up Your Cloud Clutter

AWS allows you to build enormous and complex cloud infrastructures in a matter of hours. With the ability to create resources so easily, sometimes it can be hard to manage all those resources. If only there were a simple but powerful tool that could manage it all. Cloud Custodian (a.k.a C7N) is a Python CLI tool that gives you powerful account management capabilities with a simple config file. Cloud Custodian can help you manage your AWS account using a simple policy config file and time-based or event-based Lambdas. The config files (YAML formatted) allow you to define policies for everything from tag compliance to backups. Define policies for a wide variety of management activities, including garbage collection to encryption.

Cloud computing has made creating and managing web resources insanely easy, quite possibly too easy. You can now spin up quite a few computing, database, and storage resources with the click of a button or the stroke of a return key. However, if you use a company account, you likely spin up those resources often for demonstration and testing purposes, without considering the cost or clutter you might be creating along with it. This was “the problem” at Capital One when they created this very powerful tool for managing the cleanup of your superfluous cloud resources. Capital One started developing Cloud Custodian in July 2015 and open-sourced the tool in April 2016.


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May 17, 2017 at 07:39AM


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