10 steps to Keras Machine Learning with Python

10 steps to Keras Machine Learning with Python



10 steps to Keras Machine Learning in Python

I am coming to the decision on using both TensorFlow with Keras on top. I really am new to this but will investigate this deeper later in the summer. There also seems to be an internal debate of performance with a combo of Lua Toech and Redis vs TensorFlow with Karas. Let’s see where this goes.

See this helpful video for learning how Karas can help you

For now, I am focusing on statistical methodologies over the next few weeks. I am wanting also to focus on more modern Python version 3 versus my legacy Python 2 scripts. They shall work but do keep your eyes peeled on my blog at Quantlabs.net/blog and videos at http://ift.tt/2pUrRDr

Tutorial on install Python 3 with VirtualBox and Ubuntu Linux

Have you seen my latest Python 3 upgrade tutorial on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux?

Check out my 90 minute video here

Just a reminder that the ne Quant Analytics service is now fully underway with daily video trading calls based on my human workflow. The new benefit starting this Monday will be the private event on May 22 at 8PM EDT.

Read the full benefits here

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May 17, 2017 at 05:01PM


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