FTP Connector With Mule ESB

FTP Connector With Mule ESB


The FTP Connector implements a file transport channel so that your Mule application can exchange files with an external FTP server. You can configure FTP as an inbound endpoint (which receives files) or outbound endpoint (which writes files to the FTP server). The FTP transport allows integration of the File Transfer Protocol into Mule. Mule can poll a remote FTP server directory, retrieve files. and process them as Mule messages. Messages can also be uploaded as files to a directory on a remote FTP server. Default behavior of the inbound FTP connector is it will pick the file and delete from source folder.

FTP Connector as Inbound

Drag and drop the FTP connector to the canvas and place it at the message source.


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May 16, 2017 at 07:39PM


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