MySQL and Backups as a Service

MySQL and Backups as a Service

With the recent announcement that MySQL is available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering through Azure, a lot more exciting opportunities have presented themselves for companies to build and manage their information. According to the DB-Engines Ranking, MySQL is the second most popular data management system out there. At last, you get to incorporate it directly into your Azure ecosystem. While there are tons of reasons this is exciting, I’m going to focus on one very particular issue, backups.

Why Are Backups Important?

I’m not going to answer that question. Everyone knows that backups are important. Everyone knows that they need to have backups. Yet… There is example after example where people either haven’t bothered to set up backups or didn’t know what a real backup entails, or even had backups, but never did any validation. I gathered a few examples of failed backups that literally destroyed companies in this article. Funny enough, a couple of them were running on MySQL. A backup is vital to the business. Even more important, a validated backup is vital to the business.


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May 15, 2017 at 10:27AM


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