How Blockchain and AI Can Defeat Fake News

How Blockchain and AI Can Defeat Fake News

Fake news is a term frequently used these days, especially related to the election of a certain U.S. president. Incorrect information on the web is nothing new, so what is all this new excitement about? The integration of social media into our lives is so deep, it has become the primary interface between ourselves and the (digital) world. They are the means for chatting with family and friends, reading the news, do shopping, and (soon) paying. This poses risks — and one of them is misinformation. In any given day, we might read an article from a New York Times reporter and an article from an anonymous blogger and fall in the trap of thinking that they both have the same validity just because we are consuming them from the same social media platform. Combined with our human nature of easily accepting information we receive, especially when it is in agreement with our own world-view, people are believing things that are obviously debatable, to say the least.

This is a serious matter and we have to find defenses against it because fake news has already produced very real results. Technology (like social media) enabled this situation, and technology must provide defenses against it. The good (and truthful) news is that the tools to recognize fake stories already exist.


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May 15, 2017 at 07:27PM


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