Pseudo quant mathematics: Crisis waiting to happen

Pseudo quant mathematics: Crisis waiting to happen

Pseudo quant math: Crisis waiting to happen

Is there a danger lurking in the water of quant? Remember the ‘quant quake’ 10 years ago? Just Google that phrase if you are interested. But for modern day readers, we have this article to present.

From this article:

As the old joke says, “math is what mathematicians do.” Somehow this simple tautology is lost in the dishonest world of finance

Quantitative investing: A crisis waiting to happen

In a recent WSJ article, Jason Zweig brilliantly summarizes the unbearable hype and hubris exhibited by some self-titled “quants”:

BlackRock, the giant asset manager, recently announced it will rely more heavily on computers to pick stocks. Rob Arnott, a leading advocate of mechanical investing approaches, said this past week that it’s “actually relatively easy to beat the market” if you get the math right.

Read this article here

Quant Analytics Trading Pow Wow Intro

Remember that I have my re-introduction to our weekly ‘pow wows’ for my Quant Analytics members. We have nearly 200 which I am proud since I just rolled my former Elite into this new membership. Also, there will be a FREE introductory to these so you can get a form of the style.

Our first weekly one for all to attend. This will become a major feature of our private new

Quant Analytics members. We will talk general trading with automation programming

techniques if you are interested.

I have video on this.

There will be a ‘loose’ agenda on this which I will send within the next 2 days.

Remember, if you want to get my daily human trading call videos, you can join my Quant Analytics here.

Thanks Bryan


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May 13, 2017 at 07:14PM


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