The Soon-to-Be-Hated Object Locator

The Soon-to-Be-Hated Object Locator

As more frequent readers of my blog might know, amongst my most recent interests were concepts like DCI Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, and the Service Locator pattern. I’ve been doing a lot of conceptual thinking about these topics and an interesting idea sprung in my head – an Object Locator! Caution: if you’re among the haters of Service Locator, you might not like this one.

A Bit of DCI

At the very roots of the DCI Architecture and, to some, Object Orientation lies the idea of a web of interconnected objects. You know, the objects exist somewhere in the system and work together to support end user’s goals. Here lies my first conceptual problem with our current approach to working with objects.


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May 12, 2017 at 05:27AM


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