Considering SharePoint and Hybrid Clouds

Considering SharePoint and Hybrid Clouds

On the face of it, you might think that every organization was rushing to move all of its SharePoint (and many other) workloads to the cloud, to take advantage of the much-vaunted benefits which we have all heard about. So why has Microsoft devised its “hybrid architecture”, and where is it most useful?

In the latest Collab365 Live Show, Andy Talbot and Nick Brattoli talk to Adam Levithan (Metalogix) and Jasjit Chopra (Penthara Technologies) about the progress of their commercial clients in moving to the cloud, and explore the barriers as well the benefits associated with this migration. The reality is that many organizations can migrate some of SharePoint’s functions, whilst others are still best hosted in on-premises SharePoint. Microsoft’s hybrid architecture facilitates hosting some workloads in SharePoint on-premises, and some in Office 365, whilst allowing some services, of which Search is probably the most important, to be shared.


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May 12, 2017 at 10:27AM


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