Why a DevOps Transformation May Save CxO Jobs

Why a DevOps Transformation May Save CxO Jobs


A DevOps transformation can take a long time. I met with DevOps practitioners at a Fortune 500 company, and they told me that it had taken them two years to get to the DevOps level they are at now. They recalled the pain, trouble, and strife in trying to get multiple teams located across the U.S. with differing reporting structures, toolsets, and practices to work together on the same page.

The impetus for their DevOps transformation was a directive from management to release app updates more frequently than once a month – they wanted weekly rollouts at a minimum, and eventually releases even more frequently than that. The app at the center of this mandate is an app only in the conceptual sense from a business unit or user perspective. Technically this "app" is made up of 49 other apps that all work together to provide a seamless and single user experience.


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May 11, 2017 at 10:27PM


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