Restoring MongoDB Atlas Database Backups in AWS

Restoring MongoDB Atlas Database Backups in AWS

DBAs, DevOps, or Sys Admin professionals spend valuable time writing scripts for managing database backups. Whether a combination of common tools such as rsync or native dump scripts, database backups tend to be tricky from the OS level. Then there are options to do things such as snapshots of the disk, but is the database currently in the middle of a write when this snapshot happens? Do you have a RAID for your volumes that is frozen when you do such a snapshot?

What about commercially licensed enterprise backup software if you aren’t certain how to leverage one of the other options mentioned? Are you spending on both your software license costs and the physical storage to retain these backups? There could be options for you, but think about the cost associated with the hardware you may need, the software licensing, then the monitoring associated with ensuring the backups actually happened.


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May 11, 2017 at 05:27PM


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